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Answers and Questions About Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agency Chatbots
You Asked: Tell us all your secrets. SGT STAR: Good question. I'm not sure how to answer that. Please try rewording your question. I understand simple questions best. You Asked: In that case, tell us everything. SGT STAR: That is a good question, however, I am not positive that I...
Revenge Porn Is Bad, But It’s Not GoDaddy’s Fault (Forbes Cross-Post)
[ photo credit: Shutterstock/Memo Angeles - "Internet Troll Using a Computer" ] Revenge porn is odious, but so is a judge’s disregard for a federal law. In a lawsuit by revenge porn victims over the controversial revenge porn website , a Texas state trial court had ruled that...
What does the ACI Adam decision mean for InfoSoc system of exceptions and limitations?
A few days have passed since the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued its decision in Case C-435/12 ACI Adam [ here ] , ruling that   Article 5(2)(b) of the InfoSoc Directive , read in conjunction with paragraph 5 of the same provision [this...
AIA Trial Roundtables -- PTAB Takes Its Show on the Road
By Andrew Williams -- This week, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board began hosting a month-long series of roundtables devoted to sharing information about the new AIA trials. These include inter partes reviews, covered business method reviews, and the soon-to-be...

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"If I live to be 100, I’m never going to be a fan of the flowers-in-the-pubic-hair episode."
"But Lawrence’s attempts at describing the transcendent possibilities of 'warmhearted' sex no longer seemed quite so ludicrous. Next to the 'yuk' I had scribbled as a 20-year-old, there now stands a new note: 'Not so bad after all.'"
"Iowa court: Mother needed approval to get disabled son a vasectomy."
Grant Rodgers of The Des Moines Register has a news update that begins, "An Iowa mother appointed as the guardian of her intellectually-disabled son should not have arranged a vasectomy for him without prior court approval, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled today." And at "On Brief:...
National Animal Cracker Day & 15 Other Food “Holidays” That Have No Need To Exist
Michigan College Tries to Draw Students With Class on Detroit’s Bankruptcy
Wayne State University is trying to pull college kids who are home in Michigan for the summer into the heart of Detroit with a new class about the city’s quest for financial redemption.
Thin Blue Line: Video Disproves the Sworn Testimony of Five Police Officers in Chicago-Area...

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