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EFF Asks Virginia’s Supreme Court to Take Anonymous Speech Seriously
People have many reasons to be anonymous online, from the political to the personal. One of the most contentious uses of anonymity is in consumer reviews—some reviewers feel they need the protection of anonymity to post the truth, while some businesses claim that it fuels irresponsibility...
Muddying the Natural (Patent) Waters
In the past couple of years (see for example the Prometheus decision ). The Supreme Court has issued a series of rulings that attempted to clarify what is and is not patentable. Unfortunately, the result has been the exact opposite, with court decisions creating chaos and...
‘Silk Road’ Ruling Will Hurt Online Commerce (Forbes Cross-Post)
You may have heard of Silk Road, an online marketplace that enabled hard-to-trace buying and selling of illegal goods. The court says it was “as if the purchases were occurring on eBay;” buyers and sellers could even leave feedback about each other. Silk Road’s alleged creator...
U.S. Patent No. 6,666,764: Method of Controlling a Character in a Video Game
U.S. Patent No. 6,666,764: Method of controlling a character in a video game Issued Dec. 23, 2003, to Konami Summary: The ‘764 patent describes a video game system where enemy characters can be forced to attack each other whenever the main character throws an item (ex. a...

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U.S. House Authorizes Lawsuit Against Obama in 225-201 Vote
House lawmakers voted Wednesday to authorize House SpeakerJohn Boehner to file suit against President Barack Obama on a complaint that he had overstepped his legal authority, setting up a possible constitutional test and giving both parties a potent campaign issue to take home for the...
College Students Trade In Textbooks, Stuck Waiting For Cash
Judge Skeptical of Joe Francis's Explanation
My guess would be that the headline above would apply to pretty much any explanation Joe Francis has ever given a judge, and probably to any explanation he's ever given, period. In this case it applies to the explanation he...                   Related Stories Tagger Arrested for Tagging...
FAN 25.1 (First Amendment News) — Mass. Gov. signs abortion buffer zone bill
The bill, titled an Act to Promote Public Safety and Protect Access to Reproductive Health Care Facilities, was signed earlier today by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. The law, which is effective immediately, allows a police to order a person who “impedes” access to a reproductive...
"What was almost worse than the actual assault for them was witnessing how their university treated...
"Rape was like a football game, and that I should look back on that game to figure out what I would do differently." That's a quote from an End Rape on Campus activist that appears in "Campus sexual assault bill unveiled with bipartisan backing in Senate/Law would require colleges...

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