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Geneva Health Forum Covers Wide Range Of Policy Issues
Non-communicable diseases, access and affordability, global health governance and information and communications technology innovation are some of the important issues discussed and debated at the recent Geneva Health Forum (GHF).
Yingli Solar Retains Top Spot
GTM Research has released some figures for last years’ solar panel market. Thanks to this Tweet by Kees van der Leun for the link. They show Yingli on the top spot for both production at 2.622 GW, beating second rank Trina by 0.062 GW, and for shipments at 3.234 GW, beating Trina...
Making Sure NSA Reform Isn’t Caught in the Gears of the D.C. Machine
Congress has been poised to move on powerful legislation to reform the NSA for months, so what’s slowing things down? It’s been over ten months since the Guardian published the first disclosure of secret documents confirming the true depths of NSA surveillance, and...
Q1 2014 Quick Links, Part 2
Photo credit: 3D Quick Link Crossword // ShutterStock Social Media *  Collins v. Louisiana State Police , No. 13-412 (La. Ct. App. Oct. 23, 2013): a person’s online life depicted in social media is commonly not intended to reflect reality as much as it is intended to engender...

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"California bill reignites affirmative action fight"
The Associated Press has this report .
Rocking the (Bencher) Vote
Voting is now underway for the Law Society of Manitoba’s 2014 Bencher election and will continue until May 6 at 5:00 p.m. As has been the case for the past several elections, voting takes place electronically. It’s a good system in that it works effectively and efficiently, at least from this voter’s...
Texas Officer Shoots Family Dog In Responding To The Family’s Report of a Burglary . . . Then...
"Bring reason to online debates"
Good luck!
Welcome Guest Blogger Robert Miller
After a delay caused by the well-publicized attack on Typepad, Robert Miller is poised to begin guest blogging. Robert is...

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