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Spanish Napster defeats music majors
What an effervescent start to 2014 for intellectual property in Spain! Among law reforms, seminal rulings on ISP liability and catastrophic surveys on online piracy, Katfriend Carlos Garcia Berned (right) just brought to the IPKat's attention another challenging decision from the District Court of...
NetMundial Outcome Document Now Available
The final outcome document of the two-day NetMundial internet governance meeting in Sao Paolo has been posted. The meeting took place on 23-24 April. The document is available here. The 11-page “statement” document contains different sections addressing key...
No, I'm Not Going to Bother Posting Another Revolving Door Pic
Both Boingboing and Vox put up very nice images of revolving doors to go with the story of how the Cartel has captured the Obama administration's trade agenda . Back in the dark ages (like, starting shortly after Obama came into office) I noted that the RIAA was taking over the DoJ...
چگنه وباگ‌نویسان ابارهای الکتونیکی د ایران قربنیان سپاه پاسدران شد
نارنجی یکی از مهمترین وبسایت‌های خبری ایران دربارۀ ابزارهای الکترونیکی بود که به صورت روزانه توسط گروهی از وبلاگ‌نویسان فن‌آوری و از یک دفتر کوچک در شهر کرمان به روز می‌شد. مخاطبان این سایت را جمعیت رو به رشد ایرانیان علاقه‌مند به فن‌آوری تشکیل می‌دادند. مانند گیزمودو...

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Buffalo Bills to pay nominal $3 million for sending text messages
“The Buffalo Bills have agreed to pay up to $3 million – largely in the form of debit cards redeemable only at the team store – to settle a class-action lawsuit that accused the team of sending too many alerts to fans who signed up for a text-messaging service.” Plaintiff Jerry Wojcik...
"The Sotomayor Style: A stirring dissent shows why the justice is a national treasure."
Law professor David Fontana has this essay online today at The New Republic.
Jurors’ Private Social Media Is Off Limits, ABA Tells Lawyers
Lawyers are free to mine the social-media accounts of jurors, but they may not request access to an account that's hidden behind a privacy wall, according to an ethics opinion issued Thursday by the American Bar Association.
"Moms" vs. the NRA
It's a good public relations gimmick, and hopefully effective, but the reality is that it is civilization vs. the NRA, adults vs. the NRA, everyone who isn't a Nazi or sociopath vs. the NRA, etc. Readers outside the U.S., I...
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