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ISPs Mislead Public, FCC About Protecting the Open Internet
EFF Takes on Net Neutrality's Critics in New Comments to FCC San Francisco - The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today to see through misinformation from Internet service providers (ISPs) and protect the open Internet...
Music Business for 21st Century Independent Artists
Dave Kusek, who used to teach music business at the Berklee Music School here in Boston, has teamed up with music marketer/manager Rick Barker to create a video training series for new artists looking to make it outside the major label system . They're advertising it as a "free...
Take Action: It’s the Final Day To Tell The FCC Why Net Neutrality Must Be Preserved
Today is the last day to file comments at the FCC in the net neutrality debate. Right now, before you even finish reading this, go to our tool at and tell the Commission why the future of the open Internet matters to you. This is a big deal. Net neutrality, a principle that means Internet...
African Declaration On Internet Rights And Freedoms writes: Last week, 23 civil society groups released the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms at the Internet Governance Forum, reports. The declaration is organized around twelve key principles, including Freedom of Expression and the Right...

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"Six justices defend rule banning partisan judicial endorsements"
The Helena Independent Record has a news update that begins, "Six of the seven Montana Supreme Court justices have filed a friends-of-the-court brief asking a federal judge to uphold a 2008 state judicial rule that prohibits judicial candidates from seeking or accepting partisan...
Monday Night Open Thread
Long day, just getting home. I'm going to catch up with ISIS and other news. DWTS has a new season tonight. Tommy Chong is one of the new contestants. This interview with him about the show and pot is pretty funny. (Added: I just saw Tommy... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...
GAMERGATE: Angry Feminists, Unethical Journalists Are the Ones Not Welcome in the...
GAMERGATE: Angry Feminists, Unethical Journalists Are the Ones Not Welcome in the Gaming Community. “To the feminist campaigners trying to ruin video games for everyone and a press that refuses to reform itself despite clear evidence of professional failure, gamers have...
Of Judicial Notice and the Big Lebowski
Last week, Doug Jasinsky graced my post with  a comment  challenging my interest in how different media like blogs and Wikipedia articles find their way into judgments. His question: “Do 20-year old slacker movies count as different media ?” I don’t presume, Doug, that you really expected...
"Do you know how many times I’ve been called, the cops have been called … just because we’re...
"You can take me down to the court office and I can make a scene about it. You know that I have a publicist and I work as an actress," said the actress . "I’m mildly interested, I’m mildly interested that you have a publicist...Thank you for bringing up the race card. I never hear that," said the cop...

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