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Red and yellow and pink and green… or just black and white? Important new European Common...
Having been announced back in November’s Alicante News , details were published on 15 April in this Common Communication of the new European trade mark Common Practice as regards black and white trade marks, and how they are to be compared to colour versions of the same. In...
USPTO Tries to Address Public Misunderstandings Regarding Myriad-Mayo...
By Donald Zuhn -- The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office spent the entire afternoon session of today's biotechnology/chemical/pharmaceutical (BCP) customer partnership meeting focusing on the guidance memorandum for determining the subject matter eligibility...
In the One-sided Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, It's Hard to Get The Whole Story
While most courts in the United States are adversarial—each party presents its side and a jury, or occasionally a judge, makes a decision—in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), only the government presents its case to a judge. While typically two opposing...
Internet Law Professors File Amicus Brief in ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Case–Garcia v. Google
I’m sure you are familiar with Garcia v. Google , the copyright lawsuit against YouTube over the Innocence of Muslims video that led to a fatwa being issued against Garcia, an actress in the movie. In a truly awful opinion from February, a split Ninth Circuit panel led by Judge Kozinski...

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Let Ruling Stand Allowing Northwestern Athletes to Organize, Union Says
Getty Images EVANSTON, Ill.—Football players pushing to unionize at Northwestern University described the college's argument against organizing in a new legal filing as "a castle built on sand" that shouldn't prompt further review by the National Labor Relations Board. A landmark ruling last...
GM Test Drivers Knew Of Ignition Problem In 2006
"Argentina's fight with bondholders reaches U.S. top court"
Lawrence Hurley of Reuters has this report .
The Brennan Center Repeats Rejected Statistical Comparison Of Executive Orders and Executive...
"Beards Are Less Attractive When They’re Everywhere."
A headline that invites amusing visualizations sits atop a rather banal article at FiveThirtyEight that tells us that once too many men have beards a clean-shaven guy seems even more attractive than he would if fewer men had beards. There's no discussion of the underlying concern:...

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