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Kanye West Ain’t No (Crypto) Banker
His Account is Not Likely Overdrawn One of the defendants in the ‘Coinye West’ trademark infringement suit entered into a consent agreement with Kanye West and his company Mascotte Holdings (Plaintiffs) over the Coinye West crypto-currency. Judge Analisa Torres from the...
The New Senate USA FREEDOM Act: A First Step Towards Reforming Mass Surveillance
Earlier today, Senator Patrick Leahy introduced a revised version of his USA FREEDOM legislation, the USA FREEDOM Act of 2014 , which focuses on telephone record collection and FISA Court reform. While this bill is not a comprehensive solution to overbroad and unconstitutional...
Finally, A Biosimilar Application Has Been Accepted By The FDA
By Andrew Williams -- In what is thought to be the first application accepted under the new biosimilar pathway created by the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation (BPCI) Act, Sandoz announced last Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted its...
Targeting German consumers? Play by Germany's rules!
Courtesy of : SCHULTE RIESENKAMPFF Internet services that specifically target German consumer, e.g. by addressing them in German, have to adhere to German law when doing so. In a default judgment, the regional court Berlin recently held that Whatsapp Inc. was violating...

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Former Madoff Employees’ Case Lingers Post Conviction
Getty Images It took years for prosecutors to bring a criminal case and win a conviction against five former employees who worked for Bernard L. Madoff. It will likely take several months more before the case is completely resolved. U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who presided over the...
Overblown Fears of Foreign Fighters
In a NY Times Oped, two scholars in Arab Studies debunk the myth that ISIS is coming after the West. They say homegrown terrorists are a bigger threat than foreign fighters returning from Syria. ...Contrary to what many counterterrorism experts... [[ This is a content summary...
Where's that pen? Meade has lost a pen that was very special to him.
It was that cheap little pen with the hotel name on it that he liked so much because he wouldn't care if he lost it.
USPS Vehicle Fleet Even Older, Crappier Than My Toyota Tercel
Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Accuser Dropped By Lawyer
Jeff Herman was representing Michael Egan in the ongoing lawsuit over Egan's allegations of abuse by the director. read more

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