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The Phone Unlocking Victory Should Be the First Step Towards Real Copyright Reform
It's increasingly rare for Congress to actually pass bills into law, but Friday brought some good news from Capitol Hill: More than a year after the exemption covering phone unlocking expired and a White House petition on the topic collected some 114,000 signatures, a narrow bill offering...
Targeting German consumers? Play by Germany's rules!
Courtesy of : SCHULTE RIESENKAMPFF Internet services that specifically target German consumer, e.g. by addressing them in German, have to adhere to German law when doing so. In a default judgment, the regional court Berlin recently held that Whatsapp Inc. was violating...
Minors’ Privacy Claims Against Viacom and Google Over Disclosure of Video Viewing Habits...
Plaintiffs alleged that Viacom and Google violated the Video Privacy Protection Act and other federal and state privacy laws by improperly collecting and passing along information when end users (kids) viewed videos or games at Viacom-owned websites (,, and...
Whac-A-Mole Trade Mark Litigation: Using U.S. Trade Mark Litigation to Combat Foreign...
Beats By Dre Over the past month, a number of well-known global brands have filed U.S. lawsuits against foreign  (predominately Chinese) online businesses for the sale of counterfeit products to U.S. consumers. Beats Electronics, LLC ( dba Beats By Dre ; “Beats”), the audio...

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Faux News Website Succeeds In Spreading Bachmann Story On “Americanization” Labor...
Professor Irwin Corey is about to turn 100.
I love Professor Irwin Corey, and I hope this birthday — on Tuesday — gets the attention it deserves. The Daily News had a story yesterday with some great recent pictures of this man who looked old when he was on TV in the 1960s. Asked how it feels to be nearing 100, Corey...
Family Files Lawsuit Over Use of Dead Relative's Photo on 'Southland'
A mother and daughter say the use of an autopsy photo in the show's opening montage violated their privacy and has caused them physical and emotional problems. read more
Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Virginia’s Gay Marriage Ban
A federal appeals court on Monday  ruled that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional , marking the latest in a string of significant wins for gay-marriage backers. The 2-1 ruling, from the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, is the second federal appellate...
My First Tornado
I was driving to the ICE detention facility in Aurora today when looking off to the left, I saw what I assumed was a fire. I considered for a brief second it could be a tornado, but it wasn't raining and it didn't seem to be twirling, it... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other...

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