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Employer Isn’t Liable When Former Employee Linked His Apple Accounts To Its...
Victor worked at Sunbelt as a sales rep but left to join a competitor. His former employer is suing him for trade secret misappropriation. Victor asserted privacy-based counterclaims. Sunbelt assigned him an iPhone and an iPad. He created an Apple account linked to both...
Tell Governor Brown: No Warrantless Drones For California Cops
An important California bill that would require warrants for law enforcement use of drones is currently sitting on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that Gov. Brown will sign AB 1327 , which passed the California legislature this August. EFF has long held...
BREAKING NEWS: Spanish court refers new case to CJEU on private copying levies
Wait a moment: who should bear the levy system? From enthusiastic and invariably helpful Katfriend  Fidel Porcuna  (Bird&Bird) comes the  news  that the Spanish Supreme Court has just  referred  two questions to the Court of Justice of the...
Is The Development Dimension Of WIPO Incompatible With Its Role Of IP Protection?
The World Intellectual Property Organization is a successful United Nations agency if success is measured by its generated income and the number of international registrations of intellectual property titles. However, in its role as a norm-setting United Nations agency, the organisation...

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Toxic PCB Contamination At Walmart Return Center Leads To Evacuation, Lawsuit
AT AMAZON, Fall Deals on Men’s Shoes. Also, shop the Tailgating Party Store….
AT AMAZON, Fall Deals on Men’s Shoes. Also, shop the Tailgating Party Store.
Oxfam America Sues SEC Over Extractive Rule
The lawsuit is the latest in years of wrangling over the rule, which would implement Section 1504 of the Dodd-Frank Act.
My Night In The Drunk Tank
I had gotten divorced from my first wife in January of 1990 and had been on a cocaine and alcohol binge every since. One night, after getting sufficiently sloshed on giant beers at a local bar, by about 1 a.m., I started feeling sorry for myself and decided to head home. I was flying up the...
Led Zeppelin Aims to Send 'Stairway to Heaven' Lawsuit to Hell
British rockers wonder: Why Pennsylvania? read more

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