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Subscription Services for Books
In today's "Whatever" blog entry, John Scalzi talks about his books and various subscription services . The short form is that he would want to see the money, first. Since his novels are controlled by a big-name publisher there would also need to be some money flowing to that publisher. The way...
Going to San Diego Comic-Con? Put On Your Mask for the Surveillance Camera Network
In the TV series Person of Interest, two government artificial intelligence programs—one gone rogue—can access virtually every surveillance camera across New York City, including privately operated ones in places like parking garages, hotels, and apartment complexes. The creators...
Another Blogger Wins a Fair Use Defense For a Photo–Leveyfilm v. Fox Sports
Danielle Wysocki blogged at “The Jersey Catcher,” a sports blog for women. On December 6, 2010, she blogged about a lawsuit over the 1985 novelty rap song “ The Super Bowl Shuffle ,” sung by members of the Chicago Bears football team. (I’m reluctantly including a link to the video...
At WTO, Nations Blast US For Continued Failure To Fix Havana Club Dispute
Since that fateful night in 1998 when former North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms slipped a provision on behalf of US rum-maker Bacardi into an appropriations bill blocking a Cuban-French company from using the Havana Club trademark in the US, it was expected the provision would...

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"Mexico-born law professor Cuellar chosen for California Supreme Court"
Maura Dolan of The Los Angeles Times has this news update . Howard Mintz of The San Jose Mercury News has an update headlined " Stanford law school professor named to California Supreme Court ." The Sacramento Bee has a news update headlined " Jerry Brown names law...
Target App Allows Customers To Take Pictures Of Ads, Have Product Delivered To Their Door
Split Rulings Over Obamacare Point to Another Supreme Court Showdown
Less than an hour after an appeals court in Washington ordered the Obama administration to turn off the spigot of federal subsidies to consumers through U.S.-run health-care exchanges, an appeals court in Virginia ruled that the subsidies should be allowed to keep on flowing.
Judge Won't Disqualify Tolkien Lawyers in 'Hobbit' Fight
Fighting claims that it has gone beyond the scope of its rights, Warner Bros. made a bid to disqualify Greenberg Glusker from representing the plaintiffs. read more
The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways When He Gets Behind the Wheel of a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix
"I just shut my eyes," said Anthony Oliveri, who barely survived being run over last week, "and said, 'If this is the way that God wants to do it then I guess that this is the way we're going to...                   Related Stories Police in Sexting Case Want to Take Photo of Teen's ... No, That...

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