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MtGox Investigation
There was a creditor meeting in the MtGox case today. MtGox distributed a report to creditors and  posted it on their website . According to that report, the investigation on who stole all those bitcoins has been outsourced to some accounting firms. From the report: V. Investigation of...
Global Project Looks At Takedown Notices Across The Internet
The Takedown Project is a recent initiative bringing the research community together to explore how the notice-and-takedown procedure in cases of alleged online copyright infringement are handled by internet service providers around the world. The project aims to create...
Italian court says that Wikipedia cannot be responsible for third party content
Earlier this month the Tribunale di Roma (Rome District Court) had some say on the liability of hosting providers for third party content.  It was not an IP case, but rather a slander/defamation one, and concerned the Italian version of the Wikipedia pages dedicated to Italian entrepreneur...
IPR Update -- The First Pharma IPR Decisions
By Andrew Williams -- Late last month, while many of us were getting ready to attend the BIO International Convention in San Diego, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("Board") issued four related inter partes review opinions, marking what many have called the first set of...

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"Latest Obamacare legal knot won't be easy to untangle"
David Ingram of Reuters has this report .
"I firmly believe — and I don't say this as a criticism — that life is meaningless."
Said Woody Allen , in the context of promoting his newest movie "Magic in the Moonlight." It's not incongruous to mix comedy-movie promoting and a statement of the meaninglessness of life, of course. If there is no larger truth about life and you're on you own with the life that you...
Tracking Currents and Following Flotsam
The Atlantic reported this week on the outcome of a 1997 cargo ship spill. The story was picked up yesterday by CBC’s As It Happens ( listen here ). Here’s what happened as described in The Atlantic article: It started in 1997. On February 13 of that year, a rogue wave hit the New...
FAN 24 (First Amendment News) — Stephen Barnett: The Little-Known Man Behind the...
We live by falsehoods. They feed the myths of the great figures whose words are etched in our collective memory as if they were tablets from on High. We know those words; we are moved by those words; and those words define who we are or yearn to be. Words fitly selected and artfully...
White House to Revise Contraception Rule; U.S. Bars Flights to Tel Aviv
The AM Roundup: Law Blog rounds up the morning's news.

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