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Back to School: Get Your Digital Rights Student Group Started Right Away
Watch for it. This year student protest and resistance to mass surveillance might be bursting at the seams. The Internet, which students across the world have grown up with, is under threat. And now more than ever, student leaders are contacting EFF, wanting to know how to get...
Rights Owners, Internet Companies Far Apart In Australian Copyright Consultation
Responses to an Australian government proposal for fighting online copyright infringement show a wide gap between rights holders and internet companies on liability, and website blocking.
9th Circuit Creates Problematic “Failure To Warn” Exception to Section 230 Immunity–Doe 14 v...
shutterstock/bethge radiation warning sign Doe sued Internet Brands, Inc., the owner of Model Mayhem, alleging that two unrelated individuals drugged and assaulted her (and recorded her for a pornographic video). It’s unclear precisely how the assailants used Model Mayhem, but...
Never too late! If you missed the IPKat last week ...
It has been another busy week for Katpost aggregator   Alberto Bellan ,  whose compilation of substantive blogposts from Kat contributors and their guests over the past week reflects both his dedication and theirs.  So here's the twelfth in our series of weekly...

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Perhaps a reason to visit again tomorrow?
The new online address of "How Appealing" effective October 1, 2014 will be announced here tomorrow, one week in advance of this blog's relocation.
BUT IT STILL WON’T GO AWAY: 9 Absurd Edit Justifications By Wikipedia’s Neil Tyson Truthers….
BUT IT STILL WON’T GO AWAY: 9 Absurd Edit Justifications By Wikipedia’s Neil Tyson Truthers.
Feds Warn Advertisers Against Trying To Hide The Truth
The Right to be Forgotten: Not an Easy Question
I’ve previously written on regulation of European data processing here. I’ll be presenting on the “right to be forgotten” (RtbF) in Chicago this Spring. I’ll be writing a series of posts here to prepare for that lecture. Julia Powles offers an excellent summary of the right in question. As...
Apologies for often slow (at best) responses to e-mail
In addition to everything else (letters for job seekers, starting teaching next week etc.), I'm also trying to get the PGR surveys ready to launch by early next week, so I'm swamped.

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