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13 Principles Week of Action: The World Needs More Whistleblowers
This is a guest post from Sana Saleem , Advisory Board Member, Courage Foundation . If you have comments on this post, you can contact Sana on Twitter. In the week leading up the first year aniversary of the 13 Necessary and Proportionate Principles, EFF and the coalition behind...
EFF to Defend Student Bitcoin Developers in Court
New Jersey Prosecutors Issue Flawed Subpoena for Tidbit Source Code Newark, NJ - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Staff Attorney Hanni Fakhoury will appear before a New Jersey Superior Court judge on Monday, Sept. 22 to oppose a subpoena issued to MIT students over their...
Employer Isn’t Liable When Former Employee Linked His Apple Accounts To Its...
Victor worked at Sunbelt as a sales rep but left to join a competitor. His former employer is suing him for trade secret misappropriation. Victor asserted privacy-based counterclaims. Sunbelt assigned him an iPhone and an iPad. He created an Apple account linked to both...
BREAKING NEWS: Spanish court refers new case to CJEU on private copying levies
Wait a moment: who should bear the levy system? From enthusiastic and invariably helpful Katfriend  Fidel Porcuna  (Bird&Bird) comes the  news  that the Spanish Supreme Court has just  referred  two questions to the Court of Justice of the...

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AT AMAZON, deals on Generators & Portable Power for storm season. Plus, bestsellers in...
AT AMAZON, deals on Generators & Portable Power for storm season. Plus, bestsellers in Men’s Grooming.
It’s Hard To Unseat A Judge
Calls for resignation of a federal judge accused of beating his wife gathered steam this week. But short of a Congressional impeachment he can’t be forced to step down.
Got War? Yoo and Stephens Rally A Coalition Of The War Willing
American Association of Law Libraries Report on Access to Justice
The debate about how to improve access to justice most often discusses what lawyers and court institutions can do. There is another potential player: law libraries. In Canada, a few law libraries offer legal information services to the general public . But there does not seem to be much...
Sears Survives For Now, May Not Make It Through 2016

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