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A National Consensus: Cell Phone Location Records Are Private
The  Fourth Amendment  protects us from “unreasonable” government searches of our persons, houses, papers and effects. How courts should determine what is and isn’t reasonable in our increasingly digital world is the subject of a new amicus brief we filed today in San Francisco...
European Patent Reform: a high-power forum may be heading your way ...
MIP: food for thought While interest in the governance of Eponia (the eponymous Central European fiefdom of the European Patent Office) runs gratifyingly high, as the comments posted to Merpel's Sunday night blogpost testify, a more serious thread of interest in the present and future...
Finally, A Biosimilar Application Has Been Accepted By The FDA
By Andrew Williams -- In what is thought to be the first application accepted under the new biosimilar pathway created by the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation (BPCI) Act, Sandoz announced last Thursday that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted its...
Targeting German consumers? Play by Germany's rules!
Courtesy of : SCHULTE RIESENKAMPFF Internet services that specifically target German consumer, e.g. by addressing them in German, have to adhere to German law when doing so. In a default judgment, the regional court Berlin recently held that Whatsapp Inc. was violating...

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Suing Auction House Over Bruce Lee Poster
The former Lakers star is demanding Julien's Auction House return 152 pieces of memorabilia. read more
What a wild expression on the face of the chocolate Lab...
... in the presence of a Shiba Inu .
Former Madoff Employees’ Case Lingers Post Conviction
Getty Images It took years for prosecutors to bring a criminal case and win a conviction against five former employees who worked for Bernard L. Madoff. It will likely take several months more before the case is completely resolved. U.S. District Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who presided over the...
Statement by Israeli academics opposed to the slaughter in Gaza
Here. (Thanks to Huw Price for the pointer.)
Brain Scientist Waves Gun Around at Airport
Look, I think airport-security concerns are way overblown, I generally support the right to bear arms, and I'm also a big fan of brain scientists. But that does not mean I think it's okay for a brain scientist to wave...                   Related Stories Police Wait Patiently for Man in Pond to Surrender...

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